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The data, reaction, counsel gave or prescriptions recommended/sold by Homeo Care Clinics to any inquiry posted/sent is exclusively based on the data given by you and is intended for general data as it were. It is explained that the term 'Center' will incorporate its member and partner organizations, chiefs, officials, representatives or digital specialists.

  • The substance on this site and the counsel of the Homeo Care Clinics specialists isn't expected to be, nor is it a substitute for proficient clinical guidance/consideration, finding or involved treatment. This site and its offices are not expected to supplant a specialist's judgment or the consideration and treatment that main a certified medical care supplier might give upon due clinical assessment of side effects as well as co-connection of reports with such assessment. You will give full and complete data relating to the illness (counting yet not restricted to your clinical history). The Homeo Care Clinics will be qualified for assume that the said data given by you is valid and right.

  • The Homeo Care Clinics will make the most ideal undertakings to give palatable, exact and helpful data as a reaction to any inquiry. The Homeo Care Clinics doesn't (explicitly or impliedly) ensure the exactness, respectability or nature of any data, reaction guidance or medications endorsed/offered to you. The different tips or proposals gave to any question don't guarantee great wellbeing or recuperation from any ailment. Wellbeing is the consequence of many elements, some of which are not yet completely comprehended and subsequently it is vital to depend just on the exhortation of a medical services proficient to guidance on a particular condition/circumstance. Kindly note that outcomes and span of treatment might change relying upon the constitution of your body. The reaction to any question ought not be depended upon as proposing a course of therapy and it can not supplant substitute ordinary clinical check-ups in any way at all.

  • The Homeo Care Clinics will not be at risk for any carelessness (counting gross carelessness), misfortune, injury or harm (counting without impediment immediate, roundabout, considerable, unique, praiseworthy or reformatory misfortune, injury or harm) endured by anybody by virtue of the utilization/execution of the data, reaction, counsel outfitted to you (through email etc.), any activity or absence of activity by a you or potentially drugs endorsed/offered to you.

  • The Homeo Care Clinics explicitly disavows any liability concerning the culmination, precision and wellness of the reactions given vide this site (through email etc.). No guarantee or portrayal of any sort, express or inferred, is given by or for the Clinic that the reactions to the questions, will be proper, secure, dependable and liberated from mistake. Notwithstanding the Clinics best endeavors, the data on this site might become obsolete despite the fact that, endeavors will be made to address the mistakes and keep the substance refreshed. Additionally, the data and materials on this site are given on as is premise.


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